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Forty-five years ago I read the name “Kindness” on the grave marker of a Canadian soldier who had died at Dieppe France. Private Kindness is the only “Kindness” that I am aware of, so I wondered: was he the last Kindness? The beautiful name “Kindness” is rare, so I considered using it as my pen name. I thought that I might call myself “Michael Kindness”… my wife kyboshed that idea. She says that people want to know something about the author, so on this page I will tell you a bit about myself.


God commands us to love one another, so I think that people should at least be kind to each other. Unfortunately many of us fall far short of that ideal. On the Internet, I read many hateful words, on a variety of subjects, expressed by people claiming to be Christians. I have seen that hatred up close… I have experienced the purest hatred from “friends” who have maliciously fought to suppress the truth that I proclaim. I suspect that those who disparage me are too proud to acknowledge their theological error and too proud to repent of their sinful words and deeds.


I see good people acting badly as they fight to preserve their delusion. Also, I know that the problem is much bigger than my little church. So I am telling every one who will listen, that we Christians have been bamboozled. We need a second reformation and we must renounce the heritage of hatred that poisons our dialogue.

I am not a theological/spiritual giant… just a boring old guy who has been a wood shop teacher for 43 years. I wasn’t much of a reader/studier until about 30 years ago when my first wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. For ten hard years, she fought to live but she couldn’t win that battle. Seeing death up close, impelled me to search for the meaning of life. After a great deal of study, I concluded there is a creator-God who speaks to us through the pages of the Bible. My study focused on apologetics so I knew that the Bible is God’s inspired word to man; but a lot of the Bible did not make sense to me. I couldn’t wrap my mind round our beliefs concerning Jesus’ second coming and I knew that Christians have dramatically differing views on that subject, so using that as an excuse, I didn’t try to understand. Then…


One day, I was leading an adult Bible study class, giving a futurist view of Jesus’ Olivet discourse when a sharp young woman asked me several questions that I couldn’t answer. I quoted my Bible’s footnotes and I quoted the author of a book that we were using as a guide. She responded; “That’s ridiculous!” So I brushed her off saying: “This is just a devotional, not an in-depth study.” (Or words to that effect.) But I knew that she was absolutely correct; I didn’t know what I was talking about.


At about the same time my 12 year-old daughter asked; “Dad, why it is bad to be pregnant or nursing a baby when Jesus returns”? She quoted Jesus’ words from his Olivet discourse: “Woe to those who are with child or nursing babies…” I had no reasonable answer, and my pastor had no answer either… there was no Internet back then, so I left the question unanswered.

MIke Biehler

A few years later I read The Parousia by Stuart Russell then Last Days Madness by Gary Demar… I found the answer to her question, but that answer led to many other questions. I respectfully asked them at our “bulldog Bible study”. But, because of those questions, I was accused of heresy. This motivated me to read many more books… I’ve discovered truths that demystify the New Testament and much of the Old.


The discovery of truth is profoundly liberating and empowering. Knowing the truth, I am able to endure the hatred of beautiful but misguided Christians. I see blackness in good people, but I understand their anger… much like the denizens of Plato’s cave they would like to eliminate the one who exposes their delusion. Fortunately for me, the laws of our secular society protect me from their self-righteous hatred, so I can share the truth with you.


This book illuminates the dark caves; and since the book will outlast me, the message that it proclaims, will persist. One day, everyone will know the simple truths that the Bible so clearly teaches.

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