The Book - Bamboozled Believers by Michael Biehler | Jesus Second Coming
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The Book

Bamboozled Believers takes you on an intellectual adventure as it first explores different aspects of Jesus’ second coming and then it shows you the origin of the hatred that many Christians direct at those who are accused of heresy. The book could have been called “Heresy?” because it is my response to the profound hatred that I have endured since I was first accused of heresy.

This book deals with a topic that presents a unique marketing challenge… As I planned the book I knew that I wanted to show Christians that one of their cherished beliefs is a delusion. This would not be an easy task because nobody likes to admit error, and that is especially true if admitting the error makes you look and feel ridiculous. Christian leaders think of themselves as God’s spokesmen, so acknowledging to themselves and to each other that they have missed one of the central teachings of the book that they revere and study is more than a little awkward. Most Christians do not want to contemplate their big blooper, but I want to hold their feet to the fire (figuratively speaking) so that they can come to grips with their delusion. How do I do that?

I know that dry theological books on this topic are not widely read, so I decided to write for a broader audience. I present scriptural arguments, but woven into that reasoning is a story of evil in beautiful people. I have discovered that self-righteous certainty can be the well-spring of pure hatred. Therefore, I have written a book about, and to Christians that is intended for everybody… I’m only half-joking when I say that it is a “Bible study for atheists”. In Bamboozled Believers you will discover significant historical facts and you will be challenged to contemplate significant philosophical ideas. The mix of history, philosophy and religion should appeal to any thinking reader.

If you are an agnostic or a lukewarm believer, please start with appendices 1,7 and 8; there you will find good reasons to believe that God speaks to us through the words recorded in the Bible. Then read the chapter on heresy… I promise to give you plenty of food for thought.

As you see the ease with which I expose the Christians’ great delusion, you may be inclined to gloat over the feeble scholarship of the people who supposedly devote themselves to Bible study… you may enjoy seeing hypocrisy exposed. But even as you see the Christians’ error, you will be confronted with evidences that their core beliefs are indeed correct. If you are not a Christian, you will realize that you too are a bamboozled believer 😃!


Bamboozled Believers covers a broad range of interrelated topics, so there are many peripheral but relevant issues to discuss. Rather than distract the reader from the central message of the book, I chose to discuss them in the appendices. Fully one third of the book is appendices so I hope that you will get the “full meal deal” by contemplating the facts and ideas presented in those appendices.


Introduction and Dedication

Chapter 1.  “Shall Not Taste of Death”

Chapter 2.  “… Thy Kingdom Come”

Chapter 3. “Heaven and Earth” have Passed Away

Chapter 4. The Last Days

Chapter 5. Heaven or Holding Tank

Chapter 6. Tribulation Rapture and Trumpets

Chapter 7. Heresy

After Word

Appendix 1. A Defense of the Faith

Appendix 2. “The End of the World”

Appendix 3. “The Elements Shall Melt with a Fervent Heat”

Appendix 4. Eusebius (AD 265-340) Discusses Jesus’ Olivet Prophesy

Appendix  5. Slandering Servetus

Appendix 6. Antichrist!!

Appendix 7. “Leap of Faith” … Bamboozled Believers

Appendix 8. Empty the Dishwasher

Appendix 9. God’s Covenant with Abraham (Abram)

Appendix 10. Luther’s Sermon on the Wheat and the Tares

Appendix 11. Jesus’ Cloud-Coming

Appendix 12. “With the Lord a Day is as a Thousand Years”

Appendix 13. 153

Appendix 14. A Glossary of Christian Terms

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Book On Bamboozled Believers